I want to find a health club, but where do I look?

I want to find a health club, but where do I look?

Many people often turn to the yellow pages to find a health club near them, but what does that tell you? The address and pretty much nothing else.

A health club is not something that you should choose just based on proximity. Obviously, you want to get the most for your money. You'd probably drive 5 minutes more to find a gym where you could have a swimming pool, pilates classes, or a rock climbing wall over one that doesn't offer these services. And as more and more people realize the health benefits of working out on a regular basis, more and more gyms and health clubs will appear all over the US.

Here at Signature Health Clubs, we have taken the time to evaluate each health club we list to find out exactly what you can expect when you walk through the door. We look at the amenities they provide, the classes offered, the staff, and so much more. So whether you are looking for a health club in Atlanta, a Curves in La Crescenta, or just trying figure out what you're body mass index is: Signature Health Clubs can help!

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