Still Considering a Health Club Membership? Why Now is Better Than Ever.

Still Considering a Health Club Membership?
Why Now is Better Than Ever.

Are you new to the world of health and fitness and considering a health club membership? There are a number of reasons why today’s health clubs are better than ever. According to a 2006 survey conducted by IDEA Health and Fitness Organization, gyms and health clubs are now going out of their way to attract new or “inactive” exercisers to join their facility. What does this mean for fitness newbies? Well, fortunately the days of the intimidating, ultra-exclusive, can’t-leave-the-house-without-your-makeup type of gyms are now taking the backseat to facilities that really offer programs that will help their members. You’ll also notice a lot more beginner classes and equipment that will accommodate your unique fitness needs.

Personal training sessions are by far the most successful programs offered to new exercisers, with shared sessions (2 clients per trainer) offered by 68% of the survey respondents. Beginner courses in pilates, yoga and stability ball classes also rank high among programs designed for new members. Rather than focusing on high intensity weight lifting or cardiovascular endurance classes, health and fitness professionals are now recognizing that new exercisers are in search of fitness classes that will jump-start their workout engines gently, over time.

According to Kathie Davis, executive director for IDEA, new exercisers and baby boomers are behind this fresh approach to gym and health club services, as they are trying to find ways to improve their balance, posture, and agility. This mainly female market segment is the driving force behind the fitness regimen of many health clubs. In fact, facilities like Jacksonville, FL health club, A New Weigh For Women, cater to a female-only clientele, allowing personal trainers to customize a fitness routine that will maximize their memberships. As an added benefit, owner, Dr. Matt Polito, offers rehabilitation services to members with injuries and arthritic joints.

Finally, if it’s the obligation of a long term contract that is scaring you off, you should know that many gyms and health clubs are offering better contracts for new members as a result of a nationwide decline in memberships over the past year. Perhaps the most alluring new trend is the pay-as-you-go incentive. Rather than being tied down to a typical one to three year contract, members can pay a basic gym membership fee on a month by month basis, or they can pay for special services only, such as personal training, yoga, or nutrition counseling.

When all is said and done, only you know what membership package will benefit you the most. Take confidence in the fact that gyms and health clubs recognize new exercisers as a crucial part of their business, and are going out of their way to meet you at your fitness level, rather than the other way around. Just make sure find the best source for health clubs in your area, and arrange a personal tour with a number of facilities so that you’re able to weigh your options.
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