Choosing a New Health Club: Put Aside New Year's Resolutions Before Signing Contract

Choosing a New Health Club:
Put Aside New Year's Resolutions Before Signing Contract

What's one of the most popular New Year's Resolutions? To get in shape. Not a bad goal, if you ask us. But, the sense of urgency that comes with this "new year, new me" mentality can often lead people to enter into health club contracts that they'll later regret.

The proof: Many health clubs and gyms around the country recognize a vast rise in new members during the early months of the year. Sure, makes sense. Within a few months of that increase, however, gym owners also commonly discover an increased complaint and/or cancellation rate. Ok, that kind of makes sense too—"New Years" joiners might have unrealistic goals and simply fail to keep up with their workout routine. Their judgement might also be clouded by their intense new desire and drive to get fit.

So how can you avoid entering into a contract that you'll want to break within months?
  • For starters, visit the gym! Try to do so around the time you'd usually go for your workout. This way, you'll get an idea of the crowd, available staff, cleanliness, and equipment availability. Also, pay attention to traffic on your way there to determine what the trip is like and how realistic it will be for you to get there multiple times a week.

  • Be sure to read the contract before signing it. Most health club contracts aren't terribly wordy, so this should be easy. Look for terms of the agreement, cancellation policies, etc. Just make sure you fully understand and like what you're signing on for.

  • Inquire about the gym's services. Ask what comes with the membership, and what services or ammenities require an extra fee. From Augusta health clubs to Chicago health clubs, many facilities these days offer personal trainers or nutritional counseling. Look for services like this—they should help you stay motivated and excited about your workout routine.

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