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Summer is the time for fireworks, barbeques, and, of course, saving big at your local health club. Last month we talked about the fun summer programs offered at your gym or health club, but this month it's all about those summer health club incentives. If you've been on the fence since New Year's about joining a gym, now is the best time to start. Many of us think that fitness clubs only offer their best deals in January, but those of us signing up in the summer months know just how untrue this is. Health clubs are competing with beautiful weather for exercising outside, so this is the time they unload their best deals that will save you year-round.

Summer Deals Means Slimmer Waists and Fatter Wallets

Health and fitness clubs offer both reduced rates and special packages during the summer. If you join a health club before summer ends, you can expect discounts that will save you hundreds of dollars for the year. For gyms; however, it's about more than just offering deals and starting's also about staying fit. They offer both discounts for couples and family packages to encourage not just individual health, but overall family fitness. Health clubs may even offer coupons for low fat foods to encourage healthy summer eating habits.

Incentives for Existing Members

Some health clubs offer summer incentive programs for existing members as well. These programs are less about saving money and more about encouraging healthy living. You can earn points for working out or answering trivia questions, which are redeemable for t-shirts and monthly prizes.

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We'll be back again next month with another SignatureForum Health & Fitness Newsletter. Contact us at to learn more about the summer incentives available at our network of premier health and fitness centers in your area. For more fitness tips check out SignatureForum's Health & Fitness Blog; just another way we make it easy to learn about healthy living.

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