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It always seems that as the seasons change, so do our fitness regimens. It’s easy to curl up in your apartment and hibernate for the winter, but your body pays the price come spring. If you spend your winter as couch potato then your body simply won’t ready for all the fun summer can bring. Look around and you’ll already see people leaving their jackets at home or showing a little more skin, and there’s no reason for you to remain under-exposed all summer long. If you want to get toned for the beach or get ready for shorts season, now may be the perfect time to get out and join a health club!

The Start of Spring Training

Many health & fitness clubs offer 10-week programs in the spring to get your body ready for the summer. A spring body-shaping program often combines resistance exercise with aerobics and nutrition. These are three very simple ways to quickly shed pounds and tone muscles in a healthy and natural way. Whether you’re looking to look fit in your new bikini or just feel comfortable again in shorts and a t-shirt, a spring fitness program can get your body on the right track. A 10-week program may not be able to transform your body, but it could help you drop that crucial pants size or two.

Join a Team and Have Fun

Summer is not just the time to show off your assets, but it’s a great time to meet people and socialize. A health club can be an ideal place. Many summer sports leagues are associated with local health & fitness clubs. After being stuck in stuffy office all day around co-workers with warts on their fingers there’s nothing better than to get out and enjoy some fresh air. There’s a sport for whatever you’re interested in: Squash, basketball, beach volleyball, softball, racquetball, outdoor tennis, or even dodgeball. It’s a perfect way to meet other members with similar interests and just get outside and have some summer fun.

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