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Tai-Chi Classes

Tai Chi is a Chinese form of self-defense which focuses on meditation and the link between a number of distinct postures and “attitudes.” Through a routine of slow and delicate movements, those that practice Tai-Chi achieve a sense of deep relaxation. It's a terrific way to relieve stress after a hard day at work or to calm the mind in the morning. Studies have shown Tai-Chi to improve balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Tai-Chi is also known to help lower blood pressure and alleviate pain from arthritis

Many of our health clubs have started offering classes in Tai-Chi. These classes are conducted in a group setting with a certified instructor and are held multiple times per week.

To start exploring health clubs with Tai-Chi, see if your city is listed below or just fill out the form to your right. Also, be sure to check out other martial arts and meditative classes such as karate and yoga.
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