A healthy weight lifting routine is composed of a variety of muscular exercises. Each of these exercises are repeated a fixed number of times, called a repetition, or rep. During the course of a workout, these reps are repeated a number of times, called a set.

Deciding on how many reps and sets to do depends on many different factors. Those just beginning to lift should stick to one or two sets at first and slowly increase their reps and sets. Workout routines also depend on the goals of the lifter. For example, those wishing only to tone and sculpt existing muscle should do less reps than those wishing to gain muscle mass.

Developing a perfect weight lifting strategy can be confusing. That's why our health clubs offer the best in weight lifting classes. These classes are taught by professional fitness trainers and will help you come up with a workout routine tailored to your personal goals. See what you've been missing today. Type in your zipcode below to start learning about our full-featured, affordable health clubs.

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