Organic compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Once they are broken down, they become a significant energy source for muscles. Of course, if this energy is not fully expended, the body will convert carbohydrate to fat. That is why it is important to think about diet when devising an exercise strategy. The nutritional counseling offered at many of our health clubs can be invaluable in creating such a plan.

Over the last decade, doctors and nutritionists have been debating the role of the carbohydrate in a person's diet. For years, experts have advocated consuming more carbohydrates than any other dietary component. However, a new theory surfaced in the nineties that suggested people eat carbohydrates sparingly. By depriving the body carbohydrates, these theorists say that the body will convert fat and protein into energy, helping an individual burn fat more easily. "Low carb diets" such as the "Atkins diet" have now become widespread, but they have received criticism.

We know choosing a diet can be confusing. That's why we offer the best nutritionists and personal trainers at our health clubs to give you expert advise on achieving your fitness goals.

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